<sf-wysiwyg id="{{ component_id }}" description="Enter text"></sf-wysiwyg>


  • recommended-max-length - Defaults to nothing
  • enable-h1 - Boolean, defaults to false
  • enable-lists - Boolean, defaults to false (enables ul/li)
  • disable-headings - Boolean, defaults to false
  • strip-tags - Array, defaults to nothing
  • custom-blockformats - Array, defaults to nothing. Every item can either be a single HTML element, or a combination of element title and HTML element joined by a pipe. Example: 'code,Pre formated text|pre'
  • value - Set a default value for the component. Can be used with layout variables.
  • attach-image - Boolean, defaults to false. If enabled allows the user to add an image to the left/top/right of the text.
  • pToBr - Boolean, defaults to false. Does not wrap output in a <p> and converts linebreaks to <br>

A fully featured example

    id="{{ component_id }}"
    description="Enter text here"