List of events


Each parameter is key:value, multiple parameters are separated with |

  • limit - Limit the amount of events fetched. Defaults to 50. You are not allowed to fetch more than that.
  • pagination - true/false (if you want to paginate the result. Works great with limit)
  • type - ALL/TICKET/COURSE/INFORMATION (which type of events, defaults to ALL). Combinations allowed with comma, i.e. TICKET,INFORMATION will return all events with either type ticket or information.
  • category - Only include events from a specific category by name
  • currentPageEvent - skip / include (don't include the event you are currently viewing)
  • starts_before - now (if you want to fetch events that has already started)
  • starts_after - now (if you want to fetch events that has a future start date)
  • sort_order - asc / desc (change the sort order based on event date)
  • images- name(width,height) (resizes/crops the event image to a new format. Warning: ignores whatever crop the user has made in the admin ui)
  • image - width,height (resizes/crops the first image for the event
  • query - Search part of event title attribute
{ com_liquid2 (
    id: '1',
    description: 'Events',
    selectablePage: 'false',
    type: 'ALL',
    flake: 'events',
    debug: 'true',
    flakeParameters: 'limit:5|pagination:true|images:primary(100,100)',
    code: '

        {% if events %}
                {% for events as event %}
                    <li><a href="{{ event.url }}">{{ event.title }}</a></li>
                {% end_for %}
        {% end_if %}

        {% if pagination.last_page > 1 %}
            <ul class="pagination">
                {% if pagination.prev_page_url %}
                        <a href="{{ pagination.prev_page_url }}" aria-label="Previous">
                            <span aria-hidden="true">&laquo;</span>
                {% end_if %}
                {% for pages as page %}
                    {% if pagination.current_page = page %}
                        <li class="active"><a href="{{ page.url }}">{{ page.number }}</a></li>
                    {% else %}
                        <li><a href="{{ page.url }}">{{ page.number }}</a></li>
                    {% end_if %}
                {% end_for %}
                {% if pagination.next_page_url %}
                    <a href="{{ pagination.next_page_url }}" aria-label="Next">
                        <span aria-hidden="true">&raquo;</span>
                {% end_if %}
        {% end_if %}
) }

On the fly filtering

It is possible to use the url to dynamically filter the list which is great to use if you only want to display events in a specific location.


If you have created a page called Events using the events.xml layout.


This will display all events which has Stockholm as city.


location - The city you enter when creating an event. Please note that a non-existing city will display all locations. query - Fuzzy search all events with a specific title. category_id - A specific category, a numeric value is required type - Works exactly as the flake parameter type