Display a single event in your event template

{ com_liquid2 (
    id: '1',
    description: 'Event',
    selectablePage: 'false',
    flake: 'events/show',
    debug: 'true',
    flakeAdmin: 'events/editFromPage',
    code: '

        <h1>{{ title }}</h1>
        <p>{{ description }}</p>

        <img src="{{ images.primary.src }}" alt="">

        Price: {{ lowest_ticket_price | currency }} <br>
        Location: {{ location.name }}<br>


        <a href="{{ flake.public_url }}/events/ticket?pid={{ page.id }}&amp;{{ currentQueryString }}">
            Buy Ticket


Which data do I have access to?

Write {{ flakeData }} somewhere inside the code parameter in liquid2 to output all data.

Use event image as CSS background image

<div style="background-image:url({{ images.primary.src_escaped }})"></div>


See the php documentation for how to format the date with different %e %B

{{ starts_at | stringToDateFormat:"%e %B %Y" }}